Personal Trainer in Philadelphia



If you’re looking to get fit and healthy, and stay that way for good, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m a personal trainer in Philadelphia looking to help people crush their last PR.  If you’re a runner that wants to smoke your 5k or 10 miler, the strength and endurance we’ll develop will get you there.  If you’re an athlete or like lifting heavy things off the floor, your explosiveness and strength levels will soar.

Proven Approach to Fitness

The fitness industry is full of fads; they come and go all the time.  Despite that, the people who make the best progress are the one’s that stick with the tried and true, proven principles.  Hard work and progressive overload are how we get better.   Together we will create a fitness lifestyle that will stay with you for good — no more ups and downs.

Comprehensive and Holistic Approach

With me, not only will you work out, but you will also discover where and why your body is moving poorly and we’ll address and correct that together.  Not only will you get stronger, have more endurance and look better, but you’ll also move and feel better too.

Twice the Results, One Third of the Cost

On top of receiving professional coaching, a comprehensive movement screen and guided nutrition, I can offer all of this at much cheaper rates than most typical trainers due to the nature of small group personal training.  Social support, fun and effectiveness are all maximized getting better results and keeping rates affordable.  Where a typical trainer in the city will start at $600 for the month, my training starts at just $199.

Contact me or call 610-809-1593 to start your new fitness lifestyle today